Poonicorn is an iOS and Android game in which you have to save the world with magical cupcakes!

Download it now for iOS and Android to create, share and play with your own cupcakes!

The story

At about 5042 rainbow years from Earth, there is a small planet hit by a sever drought. The flora and fauna are disappearing, the extinction seems to be inevitable…

But don’t worry! Have faith in unicorns and everything will be fine!

Thanks to the efforts of the intrepid unicorn Aube (well, his real name is Aubergine), a magical cupcake appears and awakens the surrounding nature…

It brings back to life the flora, but also the hungry flies that want to eat it!

Defend the cupcake, or the planet will be doomed!

Game modes

Discover the 3 Poonicorn game modes!

  • Story mode: discover Poonicorn’s world and try to unlock all levels and characters, then you can use them in Survival mode!
  • Survival mode: resist as long as possible to the flies attacks and share your score on Facebook!
  • Customize mode: you can create your own cupcake with many accessories, you can play with it in Survival mode and you can also share it on Facebook!


  • Use 7 kind of bonuses to help you!
  • Save the bees and the ladybugs to get a higher score!
  • Collect more coins to use the bomb and the revive ability!
  • Fill your power gauge and unleash the rune power!